Routing Numbers, Transit Numbers and SWIFT Codes for all Banks in Canada
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Canadian Routing Numbers is a nine digits numerical codes used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Canada. It is used by Canadian Banks, Credit Unions and Trust Companies for Electronic Fund Transactions (EFT) within Canada.

The Routing Number is used for domestic transfer. To make money transfer, the Routing Number is used together with the bank account number of the recipient. For international inward money transfer, a SWIFT code must be used together with a Routing Number and Account Number.

MICR Numbers or widely known as Transit Numbers are used in cheques processing. It appears on the bottom of negotiable instruments such as checks identifying the financial institution on which it was drawn.

The format of Routing Number, MICR Number is as follows;

Routing Number - 0AAABBBBB

  • for the routing number, the first digit is the leading zero.
  • AAA is three digits code identifying the institution.
  • BBBB is five digits code identifying the branch.

Scotiabank - Page 14

The table below are the address and Routing Number for all Scotiabank branches in Canada. Click on the Routing Number to find out the bank details, address & maps.

No Bank or Institution Prov ince City Branch Street Address Routing Number
651 Scotiabank NL Grand Bank Grand Bank PO Box 70 000250633
652 Scotiabank NL Grand Bay Grand Bay 000291793
653 Scotiabank NL Grand Falls Grand Falls Grand Falls-Windsor, 26 Cromer Avenue 000200893
654 Scotiabank NL Happy Valley - Goose Bay Happy Valley 45 Grenfell St. 000211353
655 Scotiabank NL Harbour Grace Harbour Grace Water Street, P.O. Box 190 000230643
656 Scotiabank NL Hare Bay Scotiabank Post Branch Hare Bay, Canada Post General Delivery 000232623
657 Scotiabank NL La Scie Lascie (Sub to baie Verte) NFLD Shoe Cove Rd 000201743
658 Scotiabank NL Labrador City Labrador City Labrador Mall, 500 Vanier Avenue 000260913
659 Scotiabank NL Lewisporte Lewisporte Main Street, P.O. Box 10 000280663
660 Scotiabank NL Marystown Marystown, NL 191-195 Ville Marie Dr. PO Box 398 000270953
661 Scotiabank NL Mount Pearl Mount Pearl Shop. Ctre Centennial Square, P.O. Box 70 000221113
662 Scotiabank NL Mount Pearl NF & Labrador DVP Expense 1709 Hollis St 6th Fl, Mount Pearl S Centennial Square 000271043
663 Scotiabank NL Mount Pearl Pearlgate 150 Old Placentia Road 000241343
664 Scotiabank NL Mount Pearl Topsail Road 760 Topsail Road 000210843
665 Scotiabank NL New World Island Summerford Summerford 000281703
666 Scotiabank NL Old Perlican Old Perlican P.O. Box 10 000291223
667 Scotiabank NL Paradise Paradise 1324 Topsail Road 000284103
668 Scotiabank NL Parsons Pond Scotiabank Post Branch Canada Post General Delivery 000202543
669 Scotiabank NL Port Au Port Scotiabank Post Branch Canada Post General Delivery 000272603
670 Scotiabank NL Port de Grave Port de Grave 000221733
671 Scotiabank NL Ramea Ramea (Sub to Burgeo) NFLD PO Box 348 000221683
672 Scotiabank NL Roberts Arm Roberts Arm 000201693
673 Scotiabank NL Roddickton Roddickton 000221923
674 Scotiabank NL Springdale Springdale Juniper Road, P.O. Box 279 000260723
675 Scotiabank NL St Anthony St Anthony P.O. Box 100 000260673
676 Scotiabank NL St Lawrence St Lawrence P.O. Box 368 000280713
677 Scotiabank NL St Marys Scotiabank Post Branch Canada Post General Delivery 000272553
678 Scotiabank NL St. John's Avalon Mall P.O. Box 8801, Postal Station 'A' 000210983
679 Scotiabank NL St. John's Churchill Park 37 Rowan Street 000240683
680 Scotiabank NL St. John's Cornwall & Hamilton 2 Cornwall Avenue 000220693
681 Scotiabank NL St. John's Duckworth & Cochrane 145 Duckworth St., P.O. Box 5593 000200703
682 Scotiabank NL St. John's Elizabeth Avenue East 21 Elizabeth Ave East 000220883
683 Scotiabank NL St. John's Freshwater & Parade P.O. Box 2009 000280093
684 Scotiabank NL St. John's Kenmount Square 195 Kenmount Road, P.O. Box 8598 Station A 000261853
685 Scotiabank NL St. John's MT St. John's, NFLD Corp Trust 245 Water Street, 2nd Floor 000282503
686 Scotiabank NL St. John's Newfoundland Central Retail Colln Un 245 Water St. 2nd Floor, P.O. Box 481 Stn C 000212203
687 Scotiabank NL St. John's Nfld & Lab Vice Pres Off Pln of Brs 245 Water Street, 2nd Floor 000251383
688 Scotiabank NL St. John's Private Banking - St. John's NL 245 Water St., 2nd Floor 000275523
689 Scotiabank NL St. John's Scotia Trust - St. John's 245 Water Street 000231963
690 Scotiabank NL St. John's Securilor Cash Services 145/147 Duckworth St. 000292973
691 Scotiabank NL St. John's St. John's 245 Water Street, P.O. Box 130, STN "C" 000250013
692 Scotiabank NL St. John's St. John's Data Centre 86 O'Leary Ave., P.O. Bag Service 2019 000221543
693 Scotiabank NL St. John's Torbay Road Plaza 350 Torbay Road 000282263
694 Scotiabank NL St. John's Virginia Park Plaza Virginia Park Plaza Newfoundland Dr, 252 Newfoundland Drive 000211833
695 Scotiabank NL Stephenville Stephenville 42 Queen Street 000211213
696 Scotiabank NL Trepassey Trepassey 000231773
697 Scotiabank NL Triton Triton 000241863
698 Scotiabank NL Twillingate Twillingate P.O. Box 39 000220743
699 Scotiabank NL Upper Island Cove Upper Island Cove 000261713
700 Scotiabank NL Wabana Wabana Bennett Street, P.O. Box 1270 000270763